Round/Square Waveguide & Fabricated Waveguide

Rectangular Waveguide Alloy 6061

Sr.No. WG Type Frequency Range
1 WR-340 2.20-3.30
2 WR-229 3.30-4.90
3 WR-187 3.95-5.85
4 WR-159 4.90-7.05
5 WR-137 5.85-8.20
6 WR-90 8.20-12.4
7 WR-75 10.0-15.0
8 WR-62 12.4-18.0
9 WR-51 15.0-22.0
10 NS 20.14-30.46
11 WR-34 22.0-33.0
12 WR-28 26.5-40.0
13 WR-430 1.70-2.60

*Or as per Customer’s required alloy and Specifications.

Round Waveguide Alloy 6061

Sr.No. Frequency (GHz)
1 13
2 15
3 18
4 23
5 26

*Or as per Customer’s required alloy and Specifications.

Alloy Standards Followed
Normally 6061 alloy is used. IEC – 153
Can be supplied in other alloy as per customer specification. JSS 53000
Siddhi have developed drawn tubes in 21 different alloys. IS 4993

Advantage & Features

High Power Handling Capacity
Low Insertion Loss
Very close Dimensional Tolerances :- +/- 0.1 mm
Very Good surface finish :– Ra 0.4 µ
Added Mechanical / Physical Properties
Accurate Straightness :– 1:1500 mm
Very small (from 1 mm diameter) very thin (from 0.2 mm) section is possible
Non-heat treatable, alloy can be given in work Hardened Condition. Which results in added mechanical properties
Very precise Quality and Eccentricity
Product Quality supported by own state-of-the-art Quality Assurance Laboratory having all modern testing equipment
Special process like precision cutting in small pieces (Tolerance of ± 0.2 mm)
Bending, Flaring, Punching, Hard Anodizing and color Anodizing can also be carried out on request


These extruded and drawn products fulfill the requirements of Good Surface Finish; have very close dimensional tolerances and added mechanical properties which are used for:

Simply as a transmission line
Rectangular and Circular waveguides are commonly used to connect feeds of parabolic dishes to their electronics, either low-noise receivers or power amplifier/transmitters
Communication and Radar
Microwave Oven
In scientific instruments to measure optical, acoustic and elastic properties of materials and objects